Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones

PhiPAL is designed and developed by our team of outdoor enthusiasts that wanted to get more out of today’s technology than simple tracking.

We want to give cyclists, motorcyclists, scooter riders, skiers, and snowboarders a safety net that will not only help you when you can’t help yourself, but will also gift peace of mind to family, friends, and teammates while you are out there having fun.

More than just an accident detection monitor, PhiPAL utilizes AI machine-learning technology and off-grid connectivity to make sure your great adventures last a lifetime.


Every inch of the ultra-compact PhiPal adventure monitor was designed with outdoor sports enthusiasts in mind.
Wherever you are, whatever happens, you’ll never be alone
Follows you wherever you need, whenever you want
Includes all the features of the PhiPal BASE
Sophisticated algorithm detects an accidents
Always improve yourself and push your limits with data
Whatever happens, always have first responders with you


share15Safety First

Dream bigger, go further, and push your limits with the confidence provided by the PhiPal adventure monitor. It can detect serious accidents and automatically alert friends or first responders for help, even if the user is unconscious. Accidents happen, but with PhiPal, tragedy doesn’t have to.

share15Ride, Share, Repeat

Relive all your epic adventures and share them with your friends with PhiPal’s built-in GPS. And if you’re looking for a new road, trail, or slope to conquer, just log into our adventure planner to find a fun new route or the ride of a lifetime.

boy43Seeing is Believing

Improve your performance and see what you’ve been missing with PhiPal’s dynamic 3D modeling. Simply select your sport, enjoy your ride, and then replay the action like never before.


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