Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding things you can do. Mastering the balance between man and machine is like nothing else and if you haven’t experienced it, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Although motorcycling can be dangerous, outdoor adventure monitors like the PhiPAL from Saphibeat can help to mitigate those risks, along with proper rider training and safety apparel. If you’ve been thinking about riding but are still on the fence, here are 5 reasons why you need a motorcycle right now.

  1. It’s incredibly fun

The excitement, exhilaration, and pure joy of riding are of course the main reasons why people ride motorcycles in the first place. With plenty of power and very little weight, motorcycles are inherently fun, fast and rewarding to ride. Becoming one with the machine riding on a curvy canyon road is an awesome experience and it only gets better the longer you ride.

  1. They are great commuters

Motorcycles get great gas mileage, are easy to maneuver through traffic, and you can always find a place to park them. And if you’re really looking to one-up your Prius driving neighbor, you can even pick up an all-electric motorcycle from companies like Zero.

  1. There are plenty of choices

This is a great time for new riders looking to get into motorcycling. With all of the major manufacturers focusing on entry-level bikes, there are an abundance of great choices for first-time riders, whether you’re looking to cruise the boulevard or enjoy a ride through a twisty mountain pass on something like the KTM RC 390.

  1. The cool factor

Motorcycles have always had an aura of cool about them. Motorcycles embody excitement, rebellion and freedom, and legendary movie stars like Steve McQueen not only rode motorcycles but also raced them competitively. Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt are also avid motorcyclists and you can even buy your very own ride from Reeves, who is a co-founder of Arch Motorcycle Company.

  1. You meet the nicest people on a motorcycle

Motorcycles are a great way to make new friends. In fact, one of the first things you’ll notice when you begin riding is that other motorcyclists always wave at you as they pass by. Being a motorcyclist means being part of a great club of like-minded fun-seeking individuals and it’s easy to find group rides to join in on where you’ll make some of the best friends of your life. And if you’re single and looking for that special someone, instead of looking at Match.com, why not begin your moto adventure on motorcycle.com and let the good times roll!