Redwood City, CA. January 20, 2015 – SaPHIBeat Technologies Inc. will demo its Phi-Pal activity monitor at ISPO 2015 in Munich, Germany, from February 5th to the 7th.

Designed and developed by SaPHIBeat engineers, the Phi-Pal is a wearable activity monitor designed to be the best companion for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Not only does Phi-Pal augment the user experience by providing data that can be used to analyze and improve performance, but it’s especially designed to bring peace of mind to athletes and their families. In the event of an accident, Phi-Pal can be used as a unique resource to promptly ask for help, even if the user is unconscious.

Phi-Pal attaches to the user’s helmet and utilizes sophisticated sport-specific, patent pending algorithms that detect the event of a major incident. Information regarding the time and place of the incident, along with other useful data to assess the situation is then automatically sent out via cell or satellite to a predefined circle of safety and/or first responders.

“DKB Sport is recognized in the most exclusive Alpine Resorts by consumers and the best Ski Schools in Europe for the quality and the technology of their products”, says SaPHIBeat Technologies Co-Founder Carlo Ciaramelletti. “This partnership and collaboration is the best recognition we could ask for as we debut our Phi-Pal device in Europe. Most importantly, we both share the same vision of wearable technology being fun and useful, as well as increasing the safety and confidence of Winter Sports participants.”

“DKB joins this partnership with SaPHIBeat Technologies with great enthusiasm and satisfaction” says Daniele Kazem-Bek, CEO of DKB Sports. “Our mission has always been to combine technology and high quality in our products. This year’s collection that we are going to present at the ISPO, is especially suited to “adventure” and free-ride skiers combining style, fun, and hi-tech materials. Our customers will definitely benefit from the addition of the Phi-Pal and its safety features. The fast growing free-riding discipline is increasing the level of safety awareness required by the backcountry (off-piste) environment. DKB is always looking for technology partners like SaPHIBeat, which is bringing from the Silicon Valley a really disruptive technology. Thanks to the combination of DKB Sport’s style and performance and the technical features of the PhiPal, the partnership between DKB and SaPHIBeat represents the perfect complement to the new DKB concept that will be presented at the ISPO.”

DKB Sport will host Phi-Pal demonstrations from SaPHIBeat Technologies in Hall B2 Booth 220 of ISPO 2015 from February 5th to the 7th. Personal demos can also be arranged by contacting Carlo Ciaramelletti at

About SaPHIBeat Technologies
SaPHIBeat Technologies Inc., a startup company based in Silicon Valley, is a leading developer and marketer of innovative wearable safety devices bringing peace of mind to outdoor sports enthusiasts. For more information, go to

About DKB Sport
DKB Sport is an Italian brand of winter sports apparel and accessories. The passion for sport and the attention to the consumer’s needs are the founding ingredients of DKB Sport. DKB designers interpret the needs of sports enthusiasts and provide a collection targeted to adventure and free-ride skiing comfort and performance.