Redwood City, CA. June 20, 2016 – “Saphibeat is pleased to announce that the AMI (Associazione Motociclisti Incolumi) has decided to take an active role in our project,” says Saphibeat Co-Founder Carlo Ciaramelletti. “The AMI, a leading nonprofit association in Italy that encourages the improvement of safety conditions for motorcyclists, will give us access to its team of professionals, practitioners, medical and legal experts to support us in the development and field-testing of our technology vis-à-vis the specific needs and requirements of motorcycle riders, one of the key market segments for our PhiPAL adventure monitor.”

“We believe that the shift from passive to active safety provided by the PhiPAL may revolutionize safety for motorcyclists both on and off road,“ says Marco Guidarini, President of the association. “This sophisticated device has the potential to save thousands of lives, which is the goal and primary mission of our association.”

Saphibeat is confident that having the AMI on board will boost our development path and help our company continue to advance rider safety through smart technology.

About Saphibeat Technologies

Saphibeat Technologies Inc., a startup company based in Silicon Valley, is a leading developer and marketer of innovative wearable safety devices bringing peace of mind to outdoor sports enthusiasts. For more information, go to

About The AMI

Associazione Motociclisti Incolumi, an Italian nonprofit association, analyzes the root-causes of accidents, delivers accident prevention and training programs, collaborates with equipment manufacturers and influences policymakers with the ultimate goal of making safer roads and safer riders. For more information, go to