Redwood City, CA. December 17, 2014 – SaPHIBeat Technologies Inc. will demo its Phi-Pal device at CES 2015 in Las Vegas on January 8th, 2015 at the Bosch booth (Sands expo, booth number: 71032).

Designed and developed by SaPHIBeat engineers using Bosch Sensortec’s MEMS sensors, the Phi-Pal is a wearable activity monitor designed to be the best companion for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Not only does Phi-Pal augment the user experience by providing data that can be used to analyze and improve performance, but it’s especially designed to bring peace of mind to athletes and their families. In the event of an accident, Phi-Pal can be used as a unique resource to promptly ask for help, even if the user is unconscious.

Phi-Pal attaches to the user’s helmet and utilizes sophisticated sport-specific, patent pending algorithms that detect the event of a major incident. Information regarding the time and place of the incident, along with other useful data to assess the situation is then automatically sent out via cell or satellite to a predefined circle of safety and/or first responders.

“We are happy to have found a partner like Bosch Sensortec”, says SaPHIBeat Technologies Co-Founder Carlo Ciaramelletti. “Their advanced technology allows us to guarantee outstanding accuracy and performance with the lowest power consumption possible. In this innovative monitoring device, we are using Bosch’s motion sensors, magnetometer and barometric pressure sensors to feed extremely accurate monitoring data to our patent pending Accident Detection algorithm. Low power consumption is critical for our application and Bosch’s technology allows us to make sure Phi-Pal doesn’t run out of juice when it’s needed most!”

“We are proud to partner with SaPHIBeat for their Phi-Pal product, that requires MEMS sensors with low power, small size and high reliability”, says Director of Global Marketing at Bosch Sensortec, Jeanne Forget. “The SaPHIBeat Phi-Pal is innovative and a perfect combination to our broad portfolio of MEMS sensors and solutions for wearable always-on devices.”

Bosch will host Phi-Pal demonstrations from SaPHIBeat Technologies at the Sands Expo center, booth 71032 on Thursday, January 8th. The Phi-Pal Demo will be on display throughout the duration of the CES Show and personal demos can be arranged by contacting Marco Cavalli at

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